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HELLCREST IV – Notch Halloween

When the land ripped open in Beverly Hills, Hillcrest Road became ground zero for the New Age Apocalypse. Out of this para-dimensional rift came nightmarish creatures from Hollywood’s haunting past.

All types of monsters from the silver screen of Hollywood’s yesteryear escaped, wreaking havoc in the streets, terrorizing everyone and everything in sight.

The military managed to capture a large number of the beasts and a select group were studied day and night in a makeshift outpost within one of homes.

All the while, dark matter and demonic energy continued to flood into the compound. With no end to the terror and pandemonium in sight, stress and anxiety weighed heavy on the already weary soldiers with worries the captive creatures wouldn’t stay contained much longer…

Credit List
Design Studio: Production Club
CCO: Miguel G. Risueño
Creative Director: Eric Au
Design Director: Stuart Fingerhut
Sr. Environmental Designer: Tanvi Sonavane
Experiential Designer: Alynn Tergevorkian
Graphic Designers: James Anderson
Lighting Director: Griffin Behm
Media Director: Max Nicklas
Video Director: Jay Martinovich