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HELLCREST III – Notch Halloween

For a number of months residents of the Hollywood Hills have been reported as missing. Acting on the call of their leader, Druid Lord Notch, a secretive cult has emerged from hiding for a night no one will forget. The allure of immortality has swayed DL Notch towards the “left hand path” of the cult’s once Pagan roots; a path of dark spirituality that honors ancient deities of a darker nature. DL Notch believes the only way to honor the ancient deities is to perform a mass human sacrifice with his followers. It’s through this unholy consecration that raw power can be drawn from the ancient deities enabling Notch to take his most powerful form!

On this special night, DL Notch has planned an opulent gathering at his home. Under the premise of a party, guests have been lured to his estate to join in the celebration of his transformation. When the clock strikes midnight, Notch and his followers will reveal their true intentions as rituals are performed that reveal the duality of life and death. With guests’ bearing witness to these unholy ceremonies, a full understanding of nature’s dark embrace is experienced by all – by choice or by force!

Credit List
Design Studio: Production Club
CCO: Miguel G. Risueño
Design Director: Stuart Fingerhut
Sr. Environmental Designer: Tanvi Sonavane
Experiential Designer: Alynn Tergevorkian
Jr Experiential Designer: Bren Carrillo
Senior Art Director: Brian Rigazzi
Graphic Designers: Curtis Ida
Lighting Director: Griffin Behm
Media Director: Max Nicklas
Videographer: Jay Martinovich