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Amazon re:MARS Party

The Amazon re:MARS Conference focused on Machine Learning, Automation, Robotics and Space. With a future-looking focus like that we held the party at the Battlebots Stadium in Las Vegas for a live broadcast of robotic chaos and destruction.

Held in late June, the party opened with DJ Starya followed by the band Sega Genocide. The night was filled with dance music and rock classics from the 2000s. Experimental audiovisual artists Myriam Bleau and Brett Bolton were featured for their real-time responsive visual performances. Gravity Industries gave guests a jetpack demo as they flew above and around the venue.

Once project highlight was eliminating print signage and leveling up the media game by going all digital. Over 3,000 square feet of video was used to segment the venue into unique zones. Various animated content including welcome messaging, event schedules were added to the motion visuals looks for the event. The screens also helped illuminate the event with a cool aura to keep vibes high all night long.

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