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Year: Published 2013
Project Featured: Kinema pendant
Description: Rowmark’s new marketing campaign and sample literature features the Kinema pendant.

Rowmark is a manufacturer of engravable sheet plastic for Laser and Rotary Engraving – materials intended for awards and sign making. As Rowmark’s only sponsored designer since 2010, I’ve been providing with a range of their latest materials to explore and prototype new designs.

It’s with Rowmark’s support that I was able to fully develop the Kinema pendant, and in the years since they have been a solid partner in assisting with the manufacturing and production of the piece.

Rowmark approached me to feature the Kinema pendant in their latest marketing campaign and sample literature, to highlight the unconventional use and possibilities of using their materials. Thank you Rowmark!

More info on their range of materials can be found at

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