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Quadratic 002 strives to represent an act of dynamic, fluidic movement. In contrast to most paintings and photographs, which relay a captured moment, this work is a more complex expression of movement in space and time. While the piece is in fact stationary, its physical gesture has a distinct visual velocity associated with it. Altering the physical form from a horizontal to vertical vector, or vice versa provides further opportunities to radically change the perception of the form’s visual velocity.

As a materials and process-driven artist I’ve learned that every material has its own memory and an ambition for what it wants to be. While this assembly uses gravity to its advantage, its existence relies on the unique ability to resist the effects of our natural laws – a mechanical resistance. This mechanical resistance enables one to visualize the sequence of instances of positional flux only possible in low gravity or gravity defying situations (birds in flight, schools of fish in water, etc).

The pieces in this series have been in ongoing developed since Summer 2016 through research exploring fluidity and dynamism in physical forms. Countless studies were produced during this process to identify the gesture of the work presented. This assembly is a mixed media assembly with main elements laser-cut from polypropylene.

Quadratic 002 – 23 x 17 matrix
Mixed Media
72 x 72 x 72″

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