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Series : Metallicity [MSNV05, MSNV06, MSNV07, MSNV08, MSNV09, MSNV10]
Year : 2016
Medium : Digital print
Size : fixed 16:9 ration


These works are an investigation into how we perceive and understand space: physically and artificially, in both size and fidelity. Driven by a radical reinterpretation of a two-dimensional surface in digital 3D space, these pieces presents the viewer with a series of contrasts to examine – the unexpected interplay of vastness and emptiness within terrestrial space; a large form from far and minute details up close. The works are presented in a visual style aimed to heighten the sensations of vastness and emptiness, often used in commercial photography of consumer electronics and automobiles, where the goal is to showcase materials accurately. In this case, the accuracy of any material is left for the viewer to decide.

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