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HELLCREST V – Notch Halloween

A legend tells…

Long ago a pirate ship’s crew was cursed to forever sail the seas after breaking a pact with one of the oceans cruelest deities. The pact was simple enough – the location of countless treasures in exchange for returning a single ruby chalice. But betrayal was the Captain’s plan all along. Now only by finding and returning the chalice will this undead crew have its curse lifted…

Recent news outlets have reported on the antiquity find of the century – an alluring ruby chalice – acquired at auction by Dr. Notch, esteemed collector of rare antiquities. But this is no mere decorative artifact. Its beauty is matched only by its unholy hold on a long dead ship’s captain and crew. With secrets hidden around every corner, are you brave enough to help lift the curse…

For Hellcrest V, a curse brought a colossal ghost ship down upon Notch’s residence. The bow of the ship jutted from the front while the upstairs interior took on the characteristics of the Captain’s quarters and galley. A long forgotten brig in the ship’s belly held prisoners chained up in an underwatery maze. Guests searched the house for clues hoping to retrieve a prized ruby chalice and set the undead crew free from their curse. For those that survived Hellcrest V it was nothing short of a triumph.

The event’s spatial design was comprised of three categories: high engagement areas, passive engagement areas, and scenic staging. The in-built DJ booth is a main feature of the house and a high impact area for the event. DJs performed in front of a large mesh LED media wall with custom scenic in-front and surrounding. Guests got their ears filled with the freshest beats from a lineup of four DJs.

To bring the stern of the ship to life, we decked the pool for the first time, giving guests more space to socialize while enjoying the breathtaking hilltop views. The stern included two bars, lounge areas and immersive character interactions. A sea monster was also spotted by guests.

Below deck is where the ship’s mysteries reveal themselves. Remnants of former prisoners lined the halls of the maze-like corridors. A murky blue glow from the portholes is the only source of light and washes the space and those inside it with oceanic wonder.

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Credit List
Design Studio: Production Club
CCO: Miguel G. Risueño
Creative Director: Stuart Fingerhut
Sr. Environmental Designer: Tanvi Sonavane
Experiential Designer: Alynn Tergevorkian
Experiential Designer: Nicole Farris
Art Director: Jeremy Raskin
Graphic Designers: James Anderson
Lighting Director: Griffin Behm
Media Director: Max Nicklas
Video Director: Jay Martinovich