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AWS re:Invent Conference

Every Fall AWS re:Invent arrives in Las Vegas as the largest cloud computing conference in the world. Serving more than 65000 attendees and taking over most of the Las Vegas Strip, it’s like Spring Break for developers with fun and entertainment infused in the training, certification, workshops, educational sessions, builders’ fairs, networking, and keynote speeches.

Built off the foundation of the art direction, both large and small environmental elements were designed with the careful consideration of attendee experience, fabrication feasibility, timelines and cost. The main Registration area featured the largest curved LED screen ever to be installed in Sands Expo. The SWAG area took inspiration from leading retail experiences to build excitement as attendees queued for their goodies. Supporting high impact visuals were also produced by PC and used throughout the re:Invent campus.

Some creative highlights included using 3M dichroic materials and flexible lighting on fixtures, a 5-sided LED entry arch, and truss structures that mimicked the form of the curved LED walls.

Credit List
Design Studio: Production Club
CCO: Miguel G. Risueño
Design Director: Stuart Fingerhut
Assoc Design Director: Will Kao
Experiential Designer: Alynn Tergevorkian, Joshua Garcia
Jr Experiential Designer: Bren Carrillo
Art Director: Brain Rigazzi
Motion Designer: Rein Blank