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Stuart Fingerhut

“Every material has its own memory and an ambition for what it wants to be.”

Stuart Fingerhut explores the intersection of art, science and nature through movement, fluidity and dynamism. Guided by investigations in both 3D and 2D realms the work is at times biomorphic, hyper technological or both. A making dialog of analog to digital and back frames much of the studio’s output with the aim of producing new visual aesthetics and spatial experiences.

Areas of focus include sculpture, installations, and digital art; how to leverage and intersect them to create unique and memorable visual experiences. In a time when much of our daily attention is focused on a screen – at home, at work, in transit – creating objects and experiences that invite viewers to look away from a screen and engage with a space or object, at a distance and up close, is the goal.

Works are developed and presented with a dual or layered conditions: with natural or artificial light, color or its absence, the unexpected interplay of vastness and emptiness within terrestrial and celestial space. One example is a series of large scale digital prints where computational forms evocative of cosmic phenomenon are layered with precise details, challenging the viewer’s sense of scale from far and up close.

“I’ve developed my range of work by using defined or unrefined materials and a rigorous approach to formal composition,” says Stuart. “I’ve learned that every material has its own memory and an ambition for what it wants to be. The same is true for color and its partner light.” Examples of this can been seen in metallic sculptures and installations using translucent materials, and how they appear when illuminated externally versus internally.

From hand assembling laser-cut sheets of metalized acrylic to sculpting landscapes in a digital 3D environment, each piece balances a series of techniques to achieve results that often exceed initial expectations.

Recent work has appeared in national and international publications.

Recently completed and in process works can be seen @stuartfingerhut

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